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Test Code 90013 Hlab OBL C Diff Toxin

Reporting Title

C Diff

Performing Laboratory

OMH, MH and SH Laboratories only


C Diff Quik Chek Complete is a rapid membrane enzyme immunoassay.




                                                                  C diff Quik Chek Complete

                                                                  Rapid Ag and Toxin Test


Both Tests positive=                                Both Tests negative=          One Test positive and one negative=

Positive for Toxigenic C Difficile             Negative for C Difficile        *Indeterminate 

                                                                                                                 * Nucleic Acid Amplification

                                                                                                                    test performed at RMH



Specimen Requirement

Unformed Stool unpreserved or fresh

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient (preferred) 24 hrs/Refrigerated 5 days

Reference Values



Critical Value: Positive

Day(s) Test Set up


Rejected :

Rejected specimens: Formed stool and specimens on swabs


Frequency of testing: Once during a diarrhea episode (due to the high senditivity and specificity of the assay)


When to repeat test:

1. Initial test was positive and patient improved with therapy, but now has clinical relapse

2. Initial test was negative, now patient has a new epidsode of diarrhea.

Testing Classifcation and CPT coding