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Test Code LAB299 WBC (White Blood Count), Blood

Additional Codes

OBL MLAB 46688

Reporting Title



Automated Multiparameter Hematology Analyzer

Used to diagnose and monitor a variety of clinical conditions including infectious, neoplastic, and immunologic disease states.

Note:  WBC is included as part of #45218 “Complete Blood Count (CBC).”

Performing Laboratory

OhioHealth Laboratory Services-RMH, GMC, DH, DMH, MGH, GMH, HMH, GCMH, DHC, WECC, PMC, MH, SH and OMH Core Laboratories.

Specimen Requirements

Draw blood in a lavender-top (EDTA) tube(s), and send EDTA whole blood. Mix by gently inverting 8 times. Do not centrifuge. Forward unprocessed whole blood promptly at ambient temperature only. 

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Whole Blood Refrigerated 48 hours
  Ambient  24 hours
  Frozen  Do not freeze


Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient/Refrigerate NO/Frozen NO

Reference Values

Newborn-1 day:  9.0-30.0 K/mcL

1 day-2 days:  9.4-34.0 K/mcL

3 days-1 month:  5.0-19.5 K/mcL

2 months-3 years:  6.0-17.5 K/mcL

4-7 years:  5.5-15.5 K/mcL

8-13 years:  4.5-13.5 K/mcL

≥14 years:  4.5-11.0 K/mcL

Critical values

Red category conditions complete alert within 1 hour (initial result only)

Neonates:  <2.0 K/mcL or >50.0 K/mcL

Inpatients:  <1.2 K/mcL or >35.0 K/mcL

Outpatients:  <2.5 K/mcL or >35.0 K/mcL

Oncology patients:  <0.5 K/mcL or >35.0 K/mcL

Note:  First instance = no critical value in the same result range (high vs. low).

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday; Continuously

Test Classification and CPT Coding