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Test Code LAB841 Uric Acid, 24 Hour, Urine

Additional Codes


Reporting Title

24-Hour Urine Uric Acid


Roche Diagnostics, Uricase-RMH

Performing Laboratory

OhioHealth Laboratory Services-RMH Core Laboratory

Specimen Requirements

5 mL from a 24-hour urine collection in a screw-capped, urine container. No preservative. Do not refrigerate specimen during collection. Mix well before taking 5-mL aliquot.

Note:  1. 24-Hour volume is required on request form for processing.

2. Follow instructions in “Urine Collection” in “Special Instructions.”

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Urine Refrigerated 5 days
  Frozen  6 months

Stabilize with NaOH pH >8.0

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient/Refrigerate NO/Frozen NO

Reference Values

0.25-0.75 g/24 hours

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday; Continuously

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Special Instructions