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Test Code LAB90051 BD AffirmTM Vaginitis DNA Probes

Additional Codes

OBL Hlab 48164

Reporting Title

Vaginitis DNA Probes


BD Automated DNA probe sandwich assay

Includes Candida species, Gardnerella vaginalis, and Trichomonas vaginalis

Performing Laboratory

OhioHealth Laboratory Services-RMH Microbiology, MGH and OBL Core Laboratory

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must arrive within 72 hours of collection.


1. Obtain specimen from infected site using BD AffirmTM VPIII Swab Collection Kit.

2. Insert a swab into vagina and rotate for adequate sampling.
3. Place swab into BD AffirmTM VP111 Transport System.

Note:  BD AffirmTM VP111 Transport System is stable ≤72 hours at ambient temperature.
4. Label tube with patient’s name (first and last), date and actual time of collection, and type of specimen.
5. Maintain sterility and forward promptly at ambient temperature only.
Note:  Specimen source and suspected species are required on request form for processing.

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient/Refrigerate NO/Frozen NO

Reference Values

No Candida species, Gardnerella vaginalis, or Trichomonas vaginalis detected

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

87480 - Candida species

87510 - Gardnerella vaginalis

87660 - Trichomonas vaginalis