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Test Code LAB90151 Respiratory Allergy Profile Regional Lab Test Name: Respiratory Disease Profile

Additional Codes


Reporting Title

Respiratory Allergy Profile


Order on children 3 years older and up Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay (FEIA)

Test includes:  Bermuda grass, g2; Cat dander,e1; Cockroach, i6; Common ragweed, w1; Dog dander, e5; Elm, t8; House dust mite (D. farinae), d2; House dust mite (D. pteronyssinus), d1; Johnson grass, g10; Lamb’s quarters (Goosefoot), w10; Meadow/June grass (Kentucky blue), g8; Mold (Alternaria alternata). m6; Mold (Aspergillus fumigatus), m3; Oak, t7; Pecan, Hickory, t22; Walnut, t10; Total IgE

Performing Laboratory

OhioHealth Laboratory Services-Child Lab-Children's Hospital Columbus

Specimen Requirements

Draw blood in a gold-top serum gel tube(s). Spin down and send 1 mL of serum refrigerated.

Note:  A speckled-top serum gel tube (s) or a plain, red-top tube(s) is also acceptable..

Specimen Transport Temperature

Refrigerate/Frozen OK/Ambient OK

Physician Office Specimen Transport Temperature

Refrigerate/Frozen OK/Ambient OK

Reference Values

Class  IgE kU/L   Interpretation
0 <0.35 Negative
1 0.35-0.70 Equivocal
2 0.71-3.5 Positive
3 3.51-17.5 Positive
4 17.6-50.0 Strongly positive
5 50.1-100.0 Strongly positive
6 >100.0 Strongly positive
















Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Saturday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

86003 x 17 - allergen specific IgE; quantitative or semiquantitative, each allergen

82785 - immunoglobulin E, IgE