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Test Code LAB93424 Salmonella/Shigella Test of Cure

Reporting Title

Salmonella/Shigella Test of Cure

Performing Laboratory

Ohiohealth Laboratory Services-RMH Microbiology Lab


Useful for isolating and identifying Salmonella or Shigella from a stool sample from a patient with a previous positive stool test for Salmonella or Shigella, where a test of cure by culture is required. Susceptibility testing will be performed only on request by the ordering provider.

Specimen Requirement

Submit only 1 of the following specimens:


Fresh stool

1. Submit 5.0 mL to 10.0 mL of fresh stool in a screw-capped container.

2. Label the container with the patient's name (first and last), MR# or DOB, date, actual time of collection and type of specimen.

3. Forward promptly at ambient temperature only. Must arrive within 1 hour of collection. If there is a delay in transport of > 1 hour, transfer fresh stool to a ParaPak Plus Fecal Enteric vial. Adequate sample must be present in the vial to bring the level to the fill line.


Also acceptable:

Stool Preserved specimen

1. Specimen source is required on request form for processing

2. ParaPak Plus Fecal Enteric vials are acceptable for testing up to 96 hours after collection


Note: The following specimens will not be tested:

-Dried out specimen

-Insufficient specimen volume

-Liquid specimen > 1 hour old

-Specimen contaminating outside of container

-Specimen soaked into diaper or tissue paper

-Specimen with bismuth, iron, magnesium compounds, or mineral oil


Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient/Refrigerate NO/ Frozen NO

Reference Values

Negative for Salmonella and Shigella

Day(s) Test Set up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding


87046 X 2 Culture, additional pathogens

87186 Susceptibility, minimum inhibitory concentration, each (if appropriate)