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Test Code LAB93505 Hematology-Cell Count and Differential, Bronchoalveolar Lavage

Important Note

See  Cytology, Microbiology, and Hematology tests if all are requested

Samples must be split for each department


Reporting Title

Hematology-Cell Count and Differential

Performing Laboratory

OhioHealth Laboratory Services-Hematology, RMH, GMC, DH, MGH


Wright-Giemsa Stain with Differential Cell Count Encompassing Macrophages, Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Epithelial Columar Cells

Specimen Requirement

Bronchial lavage or bronchoalveolar lavage

No additional solutions should be added.



1. Collect a minimum of 1.0 mL of bronchial lavage/washing specimen for Hematology and place in a screw-capped, sterile container.

2. Label container with patient’s name (first and last), MR# or DOB, date and actual time of collection, and type of specimen.

3. Maintain sterility and forward promptly at ambient temperature only.


Specimen Transport Temperature

Refrigerate/Ambient/Frozen NO

Reference Values

No established reference range

Day(s) Test Set up

Monday through Sunday-day and evening shifts

Testing Classifcation and CPT coding


89051- Cell Count with differential