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Test Code LAB93560 Benzene, Occupational Exposure, Blood

Additional Codes


Reporting Name

Benzene, Blood

Performing Laboratory

Medtox Laboratories, Inc.

Specimen Type

WB Sodium Heparin

Specimen Required

Draw blood in a green-top (sodium heparin) tube(s) and send 20 mL in two tubes of sodium heparin whole blood refrigerated. Blood should be drawn at end of shift. Tubes should be filled to prevent loss of volatile compound into headspace.

Specimen Minimum Volume

2.5 mL (in two tubes)

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
WB Sodium Heparin Refrigerated (preferred) 14 days
  Frozen  365 days

Reference Values

Units:    mg/L


Normal (unexposed population):

None detected

Exposed (end-of-shift):

Blood benzene concentrations of greater than 0.1 mg/L correlate with exposure to greater than 10 ppm benzene in air.


Blood benzene concentrations greater than 0.90 mg/L have been observed in fatal cases of benzene exposure.


Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday through Sunday

CPT Code Information


LOINC Code Information

Test ID Test Order Name Order LOINC Value
FBEN Benzene, Blood 9330-2


Result ID Test Result Name Result LOINC Value
Z1153 Benzene 9330-2

Method Name

Headspace Gas Chromatography/Flame Ionization Detection (GC-FID)