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Test Code LAB98 Lead with Demographics, Blood

Important Note

If both Lead and Zinc Protoporphyrin are ordered use Beaker code LAB91005 and collect a Royal Blue (EDTA) tube.

Additional Codes


Reporting Title

Lead Screen


Inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry

Useful for diagnosis of elevated blood lead levels in children and adults.

Performing Laboratory

Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services, Columbus, Ohio

Specimen Requirements

1. Draw blood in a tan-top (EDTA) tube-product #367855. If drawn with other trace element tests, draw blood in a royal blue-top (EDTA) Monoject® trace element blood collection tube-product #8881-307022. For pediatric capillary specimen, collect blood in a lavender-top (EDTA) MICROTAINER® tube-product #365974.


Also acceptable:

Green top (Lithium heparin)  No Gel

Green top (Sodium Heparin)  No Gel

Purple tube (EDTA)

Grreen tube Lithium Heparin) micro sample tube

Mix by gently inverting 6 to 8 times, and send whole blood.

3. We are required by law to submit lead results with patient demographics to the Ohio Department of Health. Please complete a “Heavy Metal Report” form in “Special Instructions,” and forward it with the specimen. (Form is also available from Grant/Riverside Laboratories Customer Service.)

Note:  1. If multiple tubes are drawn, the lead/trace element tube should be drawn first.

2. Specimen drawn as a follow-up or diagnostic test should be a venous specimen drawn in a tan-top tube or a royal blue-top tube.

3. For capillary specimen, particular care must be taken to thoroughly clean patient’s hand and collect blood directly from puncture site.

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient/Refrigerate OK/Frozen NO

Reference Values

Critical value: >20 mcg/mL

Alerting category: First instance called within 1 hour


Critical value: >10 mcg/mL

Alerting category: First instance called within 8 hours


A memo which outlines Centers for Disease Control guidelines for timing of follow-up testing for patients with elevated levels is available from RMH Special Testing Laboratory.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday

Test Classification and CPT Coding